Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Is Hypnosis For Weight Loss Dangerous?

This is a common question that I get, and it is one of the more common misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis. It's interesting that most people want some part of it to be true...as when they have been unsuccessful at change on their own so they just want someone to magically make them do what they know to be the right things automatically. But if the hypnotist using hypnosis was able to do that, then they would also be able to have that person do what the hypnotist wanted him to do for their own selfish needs. And that is what usually scares people, and rightly so. But the truth is that none of these remarks are true. Hypnosis is not a magic that takes over the subjects mind. So a hypnotist is limited to what their client or subject is willing to accept. An experienced and well trained hypnotist is able to get their client to accept more than others.

What The Scientists Report

From close to 15000 worldwide studies reported in the NIH database on March of 2009, when doing a search for "dangers of hypnosis" I was unable to locate any studies that distinctly cited that hypnosis was dangerous. Add to that the extremely low cost of malpractice insurance for hypnotists and you can come to the conclusion on your own that hypnosis is not the danger that some think it is. Rather, hypnosis is a helpful tool for quick and efficient change. The only dangers that I can see is in not taking advantage of hypnotic techniques because you were afraid that it was dangerous.

Then Why Do People Fear Hypnosis?

One of the things that make people hesitate to use the services of a hypnotist or to use self hypnosis is that they think that hypnosis is dangerous. Well in all cases, the answer to this question is that hypnosis is absolutely not dangerous. Part of what people seek when they are looking to use a hypnotist is to find someone who will make them do something that they can't do or don't want to do. Kind of like giving someone the power to make them into a zombie of sorts or Stepford wife. And this notion that they could have this kind of relationship with another person is what also scares them. Well the hypnotist can't turn you into an unwilling participant in anything! The hypnotist can only help you with what you are willing and able to accomplish. Working with a hypnotist will help you to see, feel and act fully congruent with what you really want to accomplish. So there is no danger in seeking the help of a hypnotist or in using self hypnosis techniques to assist you in short or long term goals.

As you weigh the dangers of remaining the same, doing the same unhealthy behaviors day in and day out, you can clearly see that they certainly outweigh any mythical dangers you thought you would experience from hypnosis or self hypnosis. Because there is no greater joy than being in control of your own destiny.