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Can You Lose Weight With Hypnosis In Manhattan?

Yes, Hypnosis With The Right Hypnotist Is the Answer!


We Specialize In Weight Loss

We are probably busier with weight loss sessions than with any other issue. Since weight loss can have such a dramatic and noticeable effect on our clients, we get many referrals as a result of working with this issue. People notice when you drop the weight and look good. They want some of that, so it’s not surprising that we hear new clients coming in and asking: “Give me what you gave my friend Wanda” (or Mom, Sis, or Dad, etc.).

Read what the newspapers, Newsday, and amNewYork had to say about my weight loss program.

If you’ve been on the
diet /weight loss merry-go-round you know that the most common result is failure. That’s because most approaches to weight loss are far too simplistic. Working with weight loss and stop smoking are the most common issues clients come to see us about. These issues are very often dealt with in a different manner. There are many factors that effect an individual’s ability to lose weight.

For example:
Family eating patterns
Feelings and emotions
Habitual behaviors
Dietary health qualities
• Food allergies
• Food education
• Amount of exercise
• Genetics

Any program that doesn’t appreciate the preceding factors will end up with
less success. You might not take off all the weight you want, or you just might not be able to keep it off for very long. Check out the
weight loss myths circulating out there.

What's Your BMI? Check it out with my free BMI tool: Hypnosis BMI Tool
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Hypnosis when done correctly affects these factors such as family eating habits, feelings/emotions, exercise motivation, and habitual behaviors. Diet alone will not address these issues, nor will just adding in an exercise program. The problems lie in the way the subconscious relates to the weight problem.


Your sessions were very helpful to me...

" Hello Marc,.

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. Your sessions were very helpful to me.

I have really been putting in more efforts towards my goals (including weight and stress management) since the start of our sessions.

I didn’t know what to expect at first, but the sessions brought out a lot of emotions that I kept locked deep inside of me. I know that I needed to get them out and you helped to provide a tool to unleash and let go of these emotions.

I feel very positive these days and know that as long as I put my mind to it—I can do it!

Thank you,"  

 Annabelle W.,
 Bronx, NY



All Results and testimonials on this website are real and honest and are not typical

It’s not uncommon for people to see us as a last resort. They usually seek out hypnotic assistance when all else has failed. So many of our clients come to us after failing with a diet program, and after being on an exercise program.
While they have almost given up by the time we work with them, they do have a good understanding that eating the right quantity/quality of food, combined with
proper exercise equals
weight loss. What we supply is the change in the subconscious programming that prevents them from achieving the success that has eluded them.

We use a specific 5 Phase approach to
weight loss where we are able to remove the old inefficient and obsolete programming that is causing you to habitually eat too much, or eat the wrong kinds of things, or eat out of response to emotions, or family programming. We then help you to be motivated to improve your exercise focus. We use hypnotic techniques to reprogram your mind the way you want it to run. We also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can continue to improve your life into the future. (i.e., stress management, motivation, confidence, procrastination, etc.).

Hypnosis is more akin to teaching than therapy, and during our time together we do teach you much about how we as humans operate. We teach you about the Secret Language of Feelings. When we humans don’t respond properly to what our feelings are expressing we run into all kinds of trouble. We teach you what your feelings mean and how to properly respond to them instead of running to the fridge for a snack, which will only add pounds, inches, and guilt to your life.

If you are ready to really say goodbye to all that extra weight…give me a
call now at (212) 223-1832 and I’ll be glad to discuss my program in more depth and answer all your questions. If the phone is busy, please keep trying

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