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"If You're Looking For a Way To
Stop Smoking, and Quit Being
a Slave to Tobacco,
Without Drugs, Side-Affects,
and Withdrawals...

You've Come To The Right Place!"

Here’s what Caroline Biden,


Vice President Joe Biden’s niece,

had to say about working with me

to quit smoking.

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Find Out Why Thousands of People, All Over The World Choose Hypnosis To Stop Smoking And Quit Smoking For Good!

See How The Process Works With My Client, Melissa of New York, NY. Watch How She Uses
My Unique Stop Smoking Protocol To Become A Non Smoker:

Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical


Melissa had been smoking for "19 years - a pack" (day), when she came to see me.

"I tried stopping before...for a day...I woke up in the morning and told myself I wasn't going to smoke, and the first stressful incident that happened I smoked"

...after the session-are you now a non smoker? -"Yes Sir" Will you remain a non smoker for the rest of your life? - "Yes Sir!, Do you like hypnosis? - "It was Great!"

-Melissa Barnet, New York, NY

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Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical

“How the Discovery of a World Famous

Hypnotist from New York City …

With Thousands of Hours of

Clinical Experience In

Smoking Cessation…

Is YOUR Answer to


The Secrets to

Unraveling the Code of

Your Smoking Habit and

Giving You Back Peace of Mind

And Freedom From Tobacco.”

Introducing “The Carlin Quick Break Protocol™”,

A Unique “Stop Smoking” Breakthrough

That Will Help You To Block Tobacco

From Your Life Forever, Quicker

and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Stop-Smoking-Hypnosis-Certification-From-National-Guild-of-HypnotistsThe-NYC-Hypnotist-Marc-Carlin-hypnosis-in-nystop-smoking-hypnosis-hypnotherapy-hypnotism- 5 Path advanced degree

Dear Soon-to-be-Non-Smoker,

You came here because you want to stop smoking. You're fed up with cigarettes and tobacco. You're frustrated by your inability to quit smoking on your own. You've finally decided to end this slavery. You've failed to stop smoking before, but are still determined to stop smoking now. You just can't imagine yourself on your death bed still smoking cigarettes. Congratulations! Your persistence has paid off. You are about to learn, working with me, what you personally need in order to make the switch to being a non-smoker. And you'll be surprised and delighted at how quick and easy it will be. Most of my clients wonder why they waited so long!


Listen to My Client, Troy Ewing of Galesburg, Illinois Raving About My Unique Stop Smoking Protocol:


"I came in to actually quit smoking - That's what happened!"

"Did not have the urge, physical urge, to have a cigarette.

"It worked perfectly!"

-Troy Ewing, Galesburg, Il

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Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical
Here's how smoking cessation hypnosis with a smoking hypnotist works!

Use hypnosis to stop smoking without weight gain!

You can stop smoking for good!  Many thousands of people across the country, just like you have quit smoking using hypnosis. In fact, stop smoking hypnosis and weight loss hypnosis are the two main reasons clients seek out hypnotists in New York.   Your session is a one-on-one hypnosis session for smokers who want to stop now. Call me today, 516 747-7699 (if my phone is busy, please keep trying).  You will work with a professional, experienced in this important and life-changing issue.  My clients tell me, as they leave, that they are non-smokers, and so will you.  I know how to effectively help smokers leave my office being non-smokers, and that’s why local physicians that know that my program is successful regularly refer their patients to me.

See My Client,Tom O'Leary of Guttenberg, NJ, Raving About My Unique Stop Smoking Protocol:


"I was a 20 year, 2 pack a day smoker...That was over 4 years ago and I haven't had a cigarette since!"

"I was skeptical this would indeed work...

"I was really surprised at how, after the first session, walking you know, back to work, that I began to feel the effects of it right away... That was over 4 years ago, and I haven't had a cigarette since."

-Tom O'Leary, Guttenberg, NJ

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Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical
If you've read, heard, and seen enough and you're ready to
stop smoking now,
this is the time for you to stop reading, grab your phone and
call me to schedule your own personal no obligation consultation.
My direct phone number is (516) 747-7699 (if my phone is busy, please keep trying)..
Call me now and you can be a non-smoker in no time.


Close to a year as a non smoker...

"Hi Marc,

I hope all is well with you!

Not sure if you remember me, you worked with me through hypnosis and help me to quit smoking. It's been close to a year as a non smoker and I still feel great...thank you so much!

I'm contacting you for another personal challenge...(rest of message omitted for personal reasons)

Thank you,"  

 Karen R.,
New Jersey, USA


Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical
Your smoke-free program works like this: You come in and see me, Marc Carlin, consulting hypnotist. I will interview you and learn about your smoking habit and find out how you want to quit. You will stop all at once. We will have initially two sessions together. Most people leave the office after the very first session being a non-smoker. It is really very quick. You can use your second session as a reinforcement session. You get a CD recording (valued at $27.00) to take with you so you can use that as a reinforcement as well. Most clients prefer to use the second session as a back-up at a later date, just in case of a slip up. You know, if they pick up a cigarette by mistake, weeks, months, or years down the road. Knowing that you've got that support is very reassuring. Subsequent sessions are often reported to be ten times more powerful than the first. You will also learn how to start doing self-hypnosis. If you'd like, you can sign up on this page for your own 5 day mini-course in self-hypnosis to stop smoking.

Listen to my client, Margaux Bossieux of Manhattan raving about her experience using my unique stop smoking protocol:


"I was skeptical!"

"When I was actually in, under hypnosis, my conscious thoughts wouldn't stop coming in.

"So I was...skeptical

"After the session however, I definitely did not want to smoke.

"Even though the thoughts came into my mind...there was never anytime I was contemplating having a cigarette!"

-Margo B., Manhattan, NY

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Results and testimonials are real and honest and are not typical

A very small portion of my clients do require more sessions to quit smoking. That is the beauty of individualized sessions. Whatever is necessary for you to become a non-smoker, you'll have my professional support. For that small number of clients that need additional assistance, I am there to provide the support and additional sessions to work with them until they are smoke free!

Your program includes a
stop smoking reinforcement CD. The main work is done in the session. The CD is useful as a tool to use if you feel it necessary. An especially good time to use this tool would be before going into an environment that formerly would find you relying on cigarettes, like when you are out enjoying a meal and drinks with friends or some other former smoking environment.

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to mean that a person gains weight. With your "Carlin Quick Break Protocol™" smoke-free hypnosis program, you learn how to respond to your former smoking triggers in much more effective and calm ways. You will regain much of the time that you lost smoking cigarettes. Smoking, as you know, is a big time waster. How much cleaner will your life be as a non-smoker? As you start to think of being free from the smoking habit now, give me a call now at 516 747-7699 for your very own no obligation consultation. And if my phone is busy, please keep trying.
You will find out much more about your individualized program. Call my office now for more information. I will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have or even send you some valuable information.


Manhattan, NYC

220 E 54TH ST.

212 223-1832

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